Monday, August 14, 2006

Gretzky Bows on iTunes: Laguna Beach Tune "Collecting Dust" Now Online

As I reported back in January, there has been much chatter among MTV's Laguna Beach fans about the song "Fly" a/k/a "Dust", recorded by Paulina Gretzky, that was heard on the show in its second season. The tune, now known as "Collecting Dust", has just been added to the iTunes catalog and is exclusively available for download there. For more information, click here or go directly to iTunes at "Collecting Dust." Comparisons are bound to arise between the song and those of other female pop artists of the moment (Ashlee Simpson, Brooke Hogan, Paris Hilton, etc etc.), but musically and lyrically, this song, produced by Michael Lord, is strong enough to stand up against all of them.

One further comment: some might be inclined to dismiss the track as just another star progeny (Paulina's parents are Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones) trading off her name, but this is the real deal. The girl can really sing.

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