Friday, May 05, 2006

Now Hear This: A Semi-Regular Column for Unsigned Artists on Making it in the Music Biz

Go ahead, get a page on myspace, but don't put all your hopes on that site. Continue to explore other opportunities. One new site that has come to my attention is tagworld. So far, the site has about 1.6 million registered users, admittedly a drop in the bucket compared to myspace, but it has many features that are better, including a music player that lets you input a musician's name and then get suggestions for similar artists (much like Pandora). Unsigned bands can register to get their own pages put up on tagworld.

Another good site is stickam. Film your band playing live -- either in a club or in your own living room -- upload it to stickam and then link the video to your myspace or tagworld page and let the world see how charismatic you really are.

Be sure to include links to myspace and tagworld on your own website!

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