Friday, May 20, 2005

Impressions of E3

I attended E3 yesterday.

In a word: LOUD. Loud music, loud lights, loud gamers and their brethren everywhere. Headache inducing, feet tiring, shoulder killing (from lugging around all that loot). But nevertheless -- fascinating.

The Electronic Arts display was amazing, a theater-in-the-round view of the upcoming EA games. Batman Begins and the NFL game looked the best, so lifelike it was easy to forget that the characters were digitized. The Harry Potter game looked pretty awesome too.

Over in Nintendo-ville, the thing that most impressed me was the display put on showing a truly interactive videogame. The 3D game was incredible, and the Puppy game was very cute and had dozens of people lined up waiting to play it (maybe because they were giving stuffed puppies away? Who knows!).

The largest crowds seemed to be at World of Warcraft, the various poker demonstrations and the EA rotunda. Tony Hawk and Wayne Gretzky also had an amazing display for their new games.

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