Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Music Reviews

Snow Patrol
A&M Records

This is a brilliant CD; a heartfelt and heartbreaking work of pure genious. No really, it is an amazing CD by one of the most promising bands I have heard in a long time. An indispensable addition to your record collection.

Michael Lord
AO Recordings

With not one bad track in the bunch, "Sway" is a fresh new addition to any modern rock collection. The production values are great, as is the mixing and instrumentation. Lord's effortless vocals and piano-driven melodies combine for a captivating debut. Standouts include the haunting "Forgiven", the radio-ready "What Have You Got to Lose", which echoes in your head long after the iPod has been turned off, and the ballad "Charity", which showcases Lord's voice to its best effect. While comparisons can be made to such artists as Travis, Damien Rice and Starsailor, "Sway" stands on its own and I highly recommend it.

Velvet Revolver
RCA Records

Okay, I admit it. I am a huge G 'n R fan so I approached this CD with some trepidation, even after hearing the rocking "Slither" on the radio umpteen times. I was pleasantly surprised. The boys are in great form, the years have only enhanced their musicianship, and Scott Weiland fits in perfectly without coming across like a faux-Axl. Only the power ballads disappoint. They are totally unnecessary and detract from a collection that needs no filler. In the battle of the reconstituted "super groups", Audioslave vs. Velvet Revolver, I would say VR wins by a (pierced) nose.

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